Our mission was to invent the most superior nail acrylic in the Galaxy. After years of reseach and development, the product is the ONE SYSTEM.

In 1989 Galaxy Nail Products developed the first Fast Set System and it took the industry by storm.

In 1995 Galaxy Nail Products developed the Kym Lee System with a moderate setting time that became one of the best selling acrylic systems.

Now Galaxy Nail Products is proud to introduce the next generation acrylic system called the ONE SYSTEM.

What sets the ONE SYSTEM apart is a perfect liquid, no primer, 4 beautiful pinks and 2 gorgeous whites for the most discerning clients.

The ONE SYSTEM is the first virtually primerless acrylic nail system.

The ONE SYSTEM liquid makes the powder go on like silk which reduces filling time and buffs out to beatiful pink and white nails. The ONE SYSTEM liquid is a violet color which brighten your pink and white nails.

For the ONE SYSTEM powders, the perfect pink and whites for whatever your client´s desires. The colors are internally pigmented to eliminate marbelization. No crystallizing, no yellowing, works in any climate, moderate to quick sculpting time, soft polymers for flexybility, low odor, and no bubbling.